pressure-relieving air mattress systems

Modern technology, user-friendliness, automation and
innovative functions packaged with modern.

Modern technology, ease of use, automation and innovative features packaged with contemporary design.

OptiCell Series 4

Alternating mattresses with innovative functions

OptiCell Series 4 is our most advanced mattress system with advanced functions.
Features SweCell air cells and a fully automatic pump designed for daily use.

OptiCell Series 3

Fully automatic mattress system for daily use

A stable mattress system with fully automatic and well-thought-out functions.
Works as a prevention and treatment aid against pressure ulcers.

OptiCell Series 2

Easy to use, fully automatic mattress system

A robust and reliable system designed to be easily picked up and put into operation
to prevent the development of pressure ulcers.

True alternating for the benefit of the patient

A fully automatic and even pressure regardless of a patient’s weight, is what we mean by “True Alternating”.
Read more about why we believe it is best for the patient.

OptiCell Series Soft

Modern mattress system when no change in air pressure is needed.

OptiCell's static mattress system has the same well-thought-out technology as the alternating systems.

Innovative air cells and mattress cover

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OptiCell systems feature SweCell's air cells and OptiTex mattress covers.
Read more about the technology and benefits of our air mattresses.