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SS 876 00 39:2012 Rescue sheet standard
The Järven rescue sheet meets the requirements of Swedish standard SS 876 00 39:2012, and this guarantees, among other things, that the handles can withstand a load of 1,000 N (100 kg), which is the
approximate equivalent of a patient weight of 210 kg. The sliding ability is high on both wet and dry surfaces.

The Resuce Sheet can be used for evacuations in both dry and wet circumstances.

1 year for manufacturing defects

The rescue sheet is X-ray transparent

The rescue sheet is labelled with evacuation instructions in 8 languages, GS1 number, care instructions and manufacturer's contact information

Flame retardant
Meets the requirements of SS 876 00 01

The rescue sheet is fully recyclable and should be sorted as combustible waste. No dismantling is required.

Rescue Sheet

Art No 14-090000-002

Pris: 0 kr

For easy evacuation of the patient in case of fire or other hazard.

With Järven rescue sheets placed between the mattress and the bed, the patient can quickly be evacuated in case of fire or other hazard. One single person can evacuate a patient with a simple manoeuvre.

The Rescue Sheet has an extra long pull handle at each short side that enable the staff to perform the evacuation with straight backs, which reduces the physical strain.

The fastening straps contain strong Velcro and are in clear orange safety colour.

Do you have a spring mattress? Then we recommend Järvens rescue mattress.


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