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Mattress audit: a worthwhile review for better care

Madrassrevisionen, också kallad madrassinventering, är en viktig del i arbetet för att skapa en trygg vistelse för patienten. Eftersom en tillsynes ren madrass kan dölja både bakterier och mögel under madrassens överdrag riskerar den att bli en trojansk häst. Bilderna ovan visar hur det kan se ut när man tittar närmare på sjukvårdsmadrassen. Orena madrasser […]

Does your new medical mattress have 2,000 holes?

Medical mattress with 2 000 holes

It may sound unlikely, but often brand new medical mattresses are full of holes. The string of tiny holes left by an ordinary seam in a mattress cover gives infected body fluids thousands of opportunities to penetrate our healthcare mattresses. The mattress cover, the first line of defence of a healthcare mattress If a healthcare mattress is to live up to its name, [...]

Hygienic mattress important in the fight against healthcare-associated infections

VRI - Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections claim the lives of 1,500 Swedes every year - and many of these deaths could be prevented if healthcare mattresses were kept clean. We explain why and give 5 tips that could save lives. How germs get into healthcare mattresses In healthcare, covers with polyurethane surfaces, often called PU covers, are used. These are designed to keep blood, urine [...]

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