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Järven Health Care have been helping the Swedish care sector with mattresses and other healthcare products for over 45 years. During that time, we have built up unique knowledge and experience that we want to share with our customers.

We want to enable good conditions for healthcare through the exchange of knowledge and information. Something that ultimately benefits both staff and patient. We offer, among other things, webinars, visits, training and our appreciated information material – Mattress School.

We would like to hear from those who work in healthcare and you are very welcome to contact us.



Most patients spend up to 90% of their care period in bed, so the mattress plays an important part in rehabilitation. A mattress is not just a surface to rest on but an important medical device.
In 2016-2018, a cross-county inspection was carried out in Sweden which included 2,046 beds. 36% of the mattresses had damaged surface layers, and on 28% of these there were also visible stains. As healthcare rules, routines and budget frameworks are comparable from county to county within Sweden, this report gave a clear indication of the extent of the mattress problem nationally.


Corona-pandemin har gett oss en ny verklighet som vi måste anpassa oss efter då den dagliga verksamheten måste fungera, inte minst för vården. Uttryck som att ”träffas på teams” eller ”ska vi ta ett zoom-möte” hörs dagligen och har blivit en naturlig del av vår vardag. 

We offer a number of webinars where knowledgeable staff offer demonstrations and training in specific subjects. We have prepared a number of the most commonly requested webinars, but can also provide webinars tailored to your specific needs.

  • Mattresses and pressure ulcer prevention
  • PU sensor, the new device for pressure ulcer prevention
  • Routines for good mattress hygiene
  • Use of air pressure mattresses
  • Fire and evacuation in a care environment
  • Positioning



The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, emphasises in its directives that all bedbound patients in Sweden must have the possibility for evacuation. Many hospitals and nursing homes still lack evacuation aids for those patients who have difficulty getting out in the event of fire or other danger. We are happy to visit your workplace to provide evacuation training.

We have provided evacuation training for almost 30 years and have a well-developed model for increasing safety and security.


Vad ska man egentligen tänka på när man utvärderar madrasser? Vilka tester finns för tryckavlastning? Hur farliga är madrasser vid brandtillbud? Det finns många frågor att ta hänsyn till när man talar om madrasser inom vårdsektorn. I madrasskolan reder vi ut begreppen och ger fördjupad kunskap om sjukvårdsmadrasser.

Our information material presents the knowledge and experience we have gathered over 45 years in a product-neutral manner. The material is divided into several different chapters:

  • Hygiene
  • Pressure relief
  • Fire safety
  • Environmental impact
  • Economic value
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