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Järven Health Care have been manufacturing mattresses for healthcare for more than 45 years, which has provided us with unique experience and knowledge. Regardless of whether it is hygiene, air or standard mattresses, we offer a high-quality range for every care situation.

Lentex® pressure-relieving hygiene mattresses

Lentex pressure-relieving hygiene mattresses are laminated with the unique Lentex surface layer and have no seams or zips. The mattress therefore does not require a separate protective cover. The structure of the surface layer has been shown in tests to bind up to 73% more disinfectant than smooth coatings, providing more efficient cleaning. The surface layer is also completely white, which makes it easier to detect stains, dirt and damage. Lentex also reduces the risk of hidden contamination in the mattress core.

Our unique Lentex surface layer, together with the foam core, is designed to reduce pressure on the patient and provide good comfort. Lentex hygiene mattresses are available for pressure ulcer Categories 1-3.

Lentex pressure-relieving hygiene mattresses

OptiCell pressure-relieving air mattresses

Our range of OptiCell pressure-relieving air mattresses has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish healthcare sector. During development, we have used modern technology to successfully combine user-friendliness with automatic and smart functions. With the help of True Alternating, we provide a low pressure in combination with an even and soft air exchange.

OptiCell mattresses are available with both static and alternating air pressure to suit most environments and needs in healthcare. The range includes replacement mattresses, overlay mattresses and mattresses for children/juniors.

Opticell pressure-relieving air mattresses

Melissa standard mattresses

Our range of Melissa hygiene mattresses are high-quality mattresses for daily use in healthcare. 
The Melissa mattresses provide good comfort, pressure relief and use good material choices from a hygiene perspective. They are simply a great choice when you are looking for quality care mattresses.
Mhe mattress covers, which are made of a rustle-free, bi-stretch polyurethane fabric, are breathable and  waterproof.

Melissa mattresses

Järven Health Care Special mattresses

Järven Health Care's special mattresses for care environments with exceptional and tough demands. The mattresses have a high tear strength and are therefore well suited for detention units, rehabilitation clinics, etc. Also available for environments exposed to extreme fire risks.

Järven Health Care special mattresses


Pressure-relieving hygiene mattresses
with the unique Lentex surface layer


Standard mattresses of high quality
and with carefully selected foams


Advanced air pressure mattresses developed in collaboration with the healthcare sector


Mattresses for situations
with exceptional and tough demands

Pressure-relieving care mattresses equipped with
unique LENTEX® surface layer.
Our range of LENTEX mattresses
Advanced air pressure mattresses developed in collaboration with the healthcare sector.
Our range of OptiCell mattresses
Standard mattresses with
high quality and carefully selected foam.
Our range of Melissa mattresses
Mattresses for situations
that require special properties.
Our range of Special mattresses
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