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Objective assessment of patients' risk of developing pressure ulcers

Assessing the risk that a patient will develop pressure ulcers has so far been based on subjective evaluation of external factors. These are important markers but can be difficult to evaluate.
PU sensor is a revolutionary innovation in the fight against pressure ulcers. By measuring a patient's physiological ability to cope with pressure, an objective evaluation can be carried out.

The product is based on over 60 years of combined research and 4 years of product development. It is easy to use and the actual measurement, which takes less than 5 minutes, takes care of itself and provides a clear result.

PIV - Pressure-Induced Vasodilation

PU sensor can objectively determine which individuals have impaired superficial blood flow, microcirculation, when pressure is applied to the skin, and thus an increased risk of developing pressure ulcers. This is done by examining the body's physiological defence mechanism against non-harmful pressure, PIV (Pressure Induced Vasodilation).

People who lack PIV have a weakened microcirculation when there is pressure on the skin, for example when lying down. They are at greater risk of developing pressure ulcers and the PU sensor provides information on whether the individual is at increased risk or not.

This allows people at risk to be identified and preventive action to be taken at an early stage for those who need it most.

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