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Mattress audit: a worthwhile review for better care

The mattress audit, also known as a mattress inventory, is an important part of creating a safe environment for patients. Since a seemingly clean mattress can hide both bacteria and mould under the mattress cover, it risks becoming a Trojan horse. The pictures above show what it can look like when you take a closer look at a healthcare mattress. Unclean mattresses [...].

Does your new medical mattress have 2,000 holes?

Medical mattress with 2 000 holes

It may sound unlikely, but often brand new medical mattresses are full of holes. The string of tiny holes left by an ordinary seam in a mattress cover gives infected body fluids thousands of opportunities to penetrate our healthcare mattresses. The mattress cover, the first line of defence of a healthcare mattress If a healthcare mattress is to live up to its name, [...]

Hygienic mattress important in the fight against healthcare-associated infections

VRI - Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections claim the lives of 1,500 Swedes every year - and many of these deaths could be prevented if healthcare mattresses were kept clean. We explain why and give 5 tips that could save lives. How germs get into healthcare mattresses In healthcare, covers with polyurethane surfaces, often called PU covers, are used. These are designed to keep blood, urine [...]

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