Pressure ulcers - 5 tips for effective treatment

Pressure sores - a costly and painful problem

Pressure ulcers, both costly and painful. In Sweden, we procure advanced pressure-regulating mattresses for around SEK 100 million a year. At the same time, pressure ulcers are estimated to cost society around €2.8 billion every year. That's almost 30 times as much money! Do you want to fight pressure ulcers in healthcare? Then you need to be equipped with the right knowledge, the right procedures and [...]

5 tips for better mattress hygiene.

VRI - Healthcare Associated Infections

 Here are 5 tips from Järven Health Care that can improve mattress hygiene.1. RIGHT ROUTINES Introduce regular inspections in every healthcare facility, preferably at each patient changeover. Examine the mattress cover for visible signs of damage such as tears, scratches, cracks, holes and stains. Then remove the cover and examine the mattress for [...]

Healthcare associated infections, the Trojan horse of healthcare?

Healthcare-associated infections - the Trojan horse of healthcare

In Sweden alone, 1,400 people die each year from healthcare-associated infections (the equivalent of eight fully-booked Boeing 737s).It doesn't have to be this way, with the right healthcare mattresses and good hygiene practices, that figure can be improved. A good quality healthcare mattress helps to both create a good level of hygiene and detect [...]