We at Järven Health Care have compiled a summary of some of the products that can help and support in the care of COVID-19 patients.

Lentex hygiene mattresses

To reduce the number of patients who contract healthcare-associated infections (HCAI/HAI), good hygiene and high-quality mattresses are crucial. Järven Health Care's series of mattresses with the unique laminated Lentex® cover provide a good foundation in the important work for better healthcare.

OptiCell air mattresses

In the development of OptiCell air pressure mattresses, we have used modern technology to successfully combine user-friendliness with automatic and smart functions. With the help of True Alternating, we provide a low pressure in combination with an even and soft air exchange.

Schampi cushion

The Schampi cushion is a useful aid for patients with COVID-19. The cushion rests against the bed rail behind the back of the patient to provide a stable and comfortable sitting position. An easy-to-use product that can facilitate breathing in the case of shortness of breath.