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Back to our roots!
but in a new guise

Seat cushions for wheelchairs is an area we are very familiar with. Back in 1974, Inga Nordin, the company's founder, co-patented a water seat cushion for wheelchairs. This innovative product of the time was created to provide wheelchair users with a high level of comfort while reducing the risk of pressure sores.

Now we proudly present Syst'am's wide collection of seat cushions adapted for wheelchairs. These cushions can be filled with anything from jelly to air-filled cells, but what all products have in common is that they are designed to meet the needs of the user in combination with the wheelchair.

With the Syst'am range, we want to return to our roots and offer sophisticated products that prioritise comfort and relief.

free webinar
sis: Guidance Document for Procurement

In order to facilitate the setting of relevant requirements, for example in the procurement of pressure ulcer mattresses, a new guidance document is now available. TR 12 Medical textiles - Mattresses - Guidance on SS 8760020. The document is aimed at, for example, purchasers and other decision-makers in the healthcare sector, manufacturers, distributors, constructors and designers of mattresses and other interested parties.
Through standardised test methods for mattresses and textiles, for example, healthcare providers can compare the performance and durability of different products and set relevant requirements in their procurements. This promotes patient safety and also makes it easier for healthcare providers to choose between different products.

SiS invites you to a free webinar on 20 March.
Valter Dejke (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden) and Göran Nordin (CEO of Järven Health Care) reviews the guidance document and how it can be used.

elderly care days 19-20/10

Welcome to the Elderly Care Days on 19-20 October, this year's 22nd edition! Äldreomsorgsdagarna gives you a unique opportunity to meet some of the most interesting companies and speakers in the healthcare industry. We from Järven Health Care present our popular foam and air pressure mattresses. You can also take advantage of our exhibition offer for Schampikudden, which turns ten years old this year.

focus aid module 25-26/10

Welcome to Fokus Hjälpmedel on 25-26 October in Stockholm. As a major supplier of advanced compressed air mattresses in the Stockholm area, it feels extra fun to showcase our products. Welcome to test our products, get a shorter training or just meet our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff.
You can also take advantage of our exhibition offer for Schampikudden, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Schampikudden 10 years - Celebrate with us!

Schampikudden turns 10 years old and we at Järven Health Care want to celebrate by giving this product a little more focus. We hereby have the pleasure of inviting you to a digital tour via Teams where we can follow the history of the product from product idea to finished product and the product's area of use. There will also be an opportunity to test the product in your organisation/department for a period of time.

Read more about Schampikudden on our positioning page. >

LENTEX - facilitates the detection of contamination

Did you know that 1/3 of all healthcare mattresses in Sweden have visible stains of blood, faeces, urine and other body fluids under the mattress cover? It is time to take control of this hidden infection risk and make our healthcare environments safer for patients and staff.

With our Lentex mattresses, you can effectively detect and manage contaminated healthcare mattresses at an early stage. The semi-transparent coating of Lentex, together with its white colour, makes it easier to examine the mattress surfaces and detect any leaks. By identifying visible stains of blood, faeces, urine and other body fluids in real time under the cover without having to touch it, you can take immediate action to clean and disinfect or possibly dispose of mattresses with broken covers.

By prioritising cleanliness and hygiene, you reduce the risk of spreading infections and increase patient satisfaction and confidence. In addition, you increase patient comfort and confidence in the healthcare environment. Having clean and fresh mattresses is not only a matter of comfort, it is a fundamental requirement for maintaining a safe and secure healthcare environment.

Take the step towards a cleaner future in healthcare and invest in our innovative Lentex mattresses. Together we can improve care and protect those who need it most. Contact us today for more information and take advantage of our offer to make healthcare cleaner and safer!
We also offer mattress audits to all our contract customers.

Opticell - outstanding success in Norway

We are proud to announce that OptiCell air mattresses have conquered the entire Norwegian hospital landscape by winning an agreement with every hospital in the country. This is an unprecedented success and a proof of OptiCell's quality and performance.

OptiCell's pioneering technology and innovative solutions have taken Norway's healthcare world by storm. OptiCell's products will improve the quality of care and patient outcomes in hospitals across the country. The agreement with all hospitals is a sign of the trust and satisfaction that OptiCell air mattresses have created in the Norwegian healthcare system.

OptiCell's unique features and advanced design have made it the first choice for hospitals in Norway. OptiCell air mattresses are designed to provide excellent pressure relief and promote wound healing, while providing comfort and support for patients through stabilised air exchange. With OptiCell products, hospitals can provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients' recovery and well-being. By choosing OptiCell, hospitals also have access to the latest technology on the market.

Join the success of OptiCell and take the step towards a better healthcare environment and improved patient outcomes. Together we can make a difference and continue to shape the future of healthcare. Contact us today to learn more about OptiCell products and take advantage of the favourable offers we have for you. Together we can create a better healthcare environment for everyone.

Syst'am, new main owner of
Järven Health Care

French company Syst'am, which designs and manufactures medical devices to prevent pressure ulcers, has acquired a majority stake in Swedish Järven Health Care AB from the founding Nordin family, together with Meanings Capital Partners.

The merger brings together two companies with a common family business DNA and the same vision for their business. The CEO of Järven Health Care, Göran Nordin, will continue to lead the new subsidiary in Syst'am Group to promote the company's development. Syst'am CEO Sébastien Cinquin and Göran Nordin have identified a number of joint development projects to strengthen the companies' market positions.

-"This acquisition is the result of a long preparatory work that allowed Syst'am to find this great Swedish SME that shares the same values and industrial vision as us", says François Tranié, partner at Meanings.

Sébastien Cinquin adds: -I am happy to embark on this French-Swedish adventure together with Göran Nordin. This gives Syst'am the opportunity to diversify its international activities, especially in the Nordic countries.

- This merger is ideal as Järven's commercial goal is to conquer new markets while preserving our identity, says Göran Nordin

Syst'am, which is well established in Germany and France, is now entering new European regions to gain access to the Scandinavian markets, among others. A number of synergies and complementary areas have been identified between the two companies, particularly in terms of industrial processes and product ranges

Järven enters into an exclusive agreement with
Dutch Jacare

Järven enters into an exclusive agreement with Dutch Jacare.

- We have searched globally to find a manufacturer who, like us, understands the importance of high quality products combined with innovation and technology, and who listens to their customers and can use the information they receive to develop and improve solutions for both users and carers. These are the reasons why Jacare b.v. has chosen to enter into an exclusive and long-term partnership with Järven Healthcare.

Our motto "We care for you" is underlined by this exciting new partnership, said Wim Jalink, CEO of Jacare.

Järven signs exclusive
dealer agreement with PU Sensor

Järven Health Care has signed an exclusive reseller agreement with PU Sensor for northern Sweden. The agreement covers Region Norrbotten, Region Västerbotten, Region Jämtland Härjedalen, Region Västernorrland, Region Dalarna and Region Gävleborg.

Today, it is common for patients to be risk assessed using established methods, usually assessment scales such as Norton. But statistics show that current methods unfortunately miss nearly half of those who later develop pressure ulcers. PU Sensor is trying to remedy this.

Thanks to decades of international research has PU sensor evaluated the microcirculation of the patient. With a simple examination, the pressure ulcer risk profile can be determined in five minutes. This helps to provide the right interventions to the right patients. Pressure ulcers can then be prevented, suffering reduced and money saved.


We've all developed our skills in holding online meetings, whether it's Teams, Zoom or some other technical solution. We will certainly continue to meet digitally, but after two long years of pandemics, restrictions and social distancing, it's still incredibly gratifying to be able to meet in person again.

We have already met both new and old customers at Hygiene Days in Jönköping as well as on SSiS Wound Conference in Gävle! It was great that so many people wanted to come by and talk to us about healthcare mattresses and other aids.
We are now gearing up for the autumn Focus Aids and Medica in Düsseldorf. We can already promise the presentation of the next generation of air mattress systems that we believe will simplify the work of pressure ulcer treatment. See you later!

Say hello to the
new boys here at Järven
Stephen and Tommy

Due to our recent expansion and to meet our future challenges we have decided to strengthen both our export department and our production facility with two wonderful employees - Stephen Laidlaw who is our new Export Manager and Tommy Turpeinen who is our new Production Manager 

Stephen, who was born in England, lives in Norway and is employed in Sweden and is a self-made export business development and salesman. As a result of our successful international sales, Stephen`s goal is to further develop our international operations by strengthening the Järven brand. With Stephen's long experience, large contact network and good reputation, we see that Järven Health Care has every opportunity to become a significant player in the international healthcare sector.

We have also decided to strengthen our production team by hiring Tommy who has a wealth of experience in production management within our market segment. He is a service-minded and determined production manager and is a welcome addition to our team. With the customer in focus and our determined efforts Tommy will strive to keep a correct production flow and will take great care in making sur that we live up to expectations regarding delivery service.

Järven Health Care

Ukrainian flag

The Ukrainian population is suffering unimaginably. We at Järven Health Care want to support and to contribute as much as possible and have therefore decided to send a considerable number of protective coats (disposable protective gowns) to the nursing staff who meet the challenges of a war-torn Ukraine heroically each and every day..

Together with our freight supplier Philip, who took care of both logistics and the safe transportation, we were able to deliver 8,000 protective coats to the Ukrainian healthcare system. The protective coats contribute to better hygiene for both patient and healthcare staff.

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