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Pressure ulcers - 5 tips for effective treatment

Pressure sores - a costly and painful problem

In Sweden, we procure advanced pressure-regulating mattresses for around SEK 100 million per year. At the same time, pressure ulcers are estimated to cost society around €2.8 billion every year. That's almost 30 times as much money! Do you want to fight pressure ulcers in healthcare? Then you need to be equipped with the right knowledge, the right procedures and the right mattresses. 1. START [...]

Hygienic mattress important in the fight against healthcare-associated infections

VRI - Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections claim the lives of 1,500 Swedes every year - and many of these deaths could be prevented if healthcare mattresses were kept clean. We explain why and give 5 tips that could save lives. How germs get into healthcare mattresses In healthcare, covers with polyurethane surfaces, often called PU covers, are used. These are designed to keep blood, urine [...]

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