Kliniska data

Kliniska data

Swerea IVF: Rapport 5130965
Swerea IVF: Rapport 5080730-4
Swerea IVF: Rapport 5090763
Swerea IVF: Rapport 5090031
Swerea IVF: Rapport 5090299

Berlin Cert Test report nr: P-11-157-MP-PA 088-1-E
Berlin Cert Test report nr: P-11-157-MP-PA 088-2-E
Berlin Cert Test report nr: P-11-157-MP-PA 088-04-E

Article: Improvements in pain relief, handling time and pressure ulcers through internal audits of hip fracture patients
Ami Hommel RN, BSN, CNS, Kerstin Unander RN, BSN, PhD (Associate Professor) and Karl-Göran Thorngren MD, PhD (Professor)

Article: Prevention of sacrum pressure ulcer
2006-05-27, Japanese society of Pressure Ulcers 3rd, Fukuoka University Hospital. Author/Presenter:Toshiko Hashimoto, Emergency medical care center.

Article: Pressure ulcer prevention in ICU
Kagoshima University Medical and Dental Hospital. Author: Fukuyo Nakakariya, ICU

Study of pressure ulcer prevention of patient with severe circulation failure
Kumamoto Univerity Hospital. Author: Rumi Hioki, ICU

Article: Study of laminated mattress
1998-10-01, The Japanese Journal of Medical Instrumentation, NTT East Kanto Hospital. Author: Hatsue Katsumura

Article: Provide the highest standard of medical philosophy and technology
2001-09-01, Jamic Journal vol. 21, No 9, NTT East Kanto Hospital. Author: Kani Kobayashi, Hospital Superintendent

Article: The impact on the sacrum due to tension of the cover
Onishi Hospital. Author: Tomofumi Amano

Article: Investigation of the number of proper equipment and how to manage pressure dispersion in our hospital
2005-08-03,Komonji Hospital. Author: Ai Ikeda, Nurse

Article: Problems in terms of costs and management of pressure dispersion equipment in our hospital
2005-08-03,Komonji Hospital. Author: Jyunko Otani, Nurse

Advantages of pressure ulcer prevention mattresses
Research presentation in Steel Memorial Yawata Hospital

Improving comfort for post-operated patients through using Waterlily
2006, Research presentation in Tokyo Hakujuji Hospital. Author: Toshiko Omata

Article: For deterioration and pressure distribution due to aging of the urethane mattress of our hospital
2016-09-02, Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcers, 18th, Shin Komonji Hospital. Author: Kaoru Iwano, Nurse

Investigation of interface pressure and its impact of pressure ulcers in the ICU
1998, Nagasaki University Hospital. Author: Yukari Baba, ICU

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